Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain, is a common complaint among people who view computer, tablet, or phone screens regularly. If sore eyes, dry eyes, or headaches associated with computer vision syndrome negatively affect your lifestyle, the experienced optometrists at Dr. Gottlieb Optometry in Lakewood, California, have simple solutions. They offer anti-fatigue lenses, indoor multifocal lenses, and blue-blocking, anti-reflective lens coatings to relieve eye strain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gottlieb Optometry over the phone or online today. 

What is computer vision syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, can occur with prolonged tablet, computer, cell phone, or e-reader use. The condition is associated with:

  • Eye discomfort
  • Eye strain
  • Sore, tired eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Dry eyes
  • Shoulder or neck pain 
  • Light sensitivity
  • Problems concentrating

The longer you view a digital screen, the more severe your symptoms might be. The expert vision team at Dr. Gottlieb Optometry offers simple solutions to protect your eyes from blue light, relieve symptoms, and restore your quality of life.

What are the risk factors for computer vision syndrome?

Certain factors increase your risk of computer vision syndrome or make symptoms worse. Examples include poor lighting, poor sitting posture, uncorrected vision problems, improper viewing distances, digital screen glare, or combinations of these risk factors.

Which computer vision syndrome treatments are available?

The experienced optometry specialists at Dr. Gottlieb Optometry use advanced, up-to-date treatments to correct or prevent symptoms of computer vision syndrome including:

Anti-fatigue glasses

Anti-fatigue glasses are made of a special material that shields your eyes from blue light damage. Wear anti-fatigue glasses anytime you view digital screens for symptom relief. Your optometrist helps you choose fashionable frames that match your style preference.

Indoor multifocal lens

Indoor multifocal lenses allow you to effectively see at near and far distances. These special lenses help reduce eye strain and discomfort.

Blue-blocking, anti-reflective lens coatings

Your optometrist offers blue light-blocking, anti-reflective lens coatings that protect your eyes from blue light and symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome. Examples include Crizal® Prevencia and TechShield® Blue.

What should I expect during my eye appointment? 

During an eye appointment at Dr. Gottlieb Optometry, your vision specialist reviews your symptoms and completes a comprehensive eye exam, which includes tests that detect or rule out eye diseases. 

They also perform vision tests to determine if you require contacts or glasses, or a vision prescription change. Your eye doctor discusses computer vision syndrome treatment options with you to find one that matches your unique needs and preferences.

Don’t live with symptoms of digital eye strain that negatively affect your quality of life. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gottlieb Optometry over the phone or online to learn more about blue light-blocking options. 

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