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A Family Tradition of Exceptional Vision Care

Dry Eyes

Healthy tears facilitate proper vision and keep your eyes lubricated, which is why dry eye syndrome can significantly affect your quality of life. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, schedule a visit with Dr. Gottlieb Optometry at Lakewood, California, by calling the office or making an appointment online. Their team of professionals can provide you with treatments to alleviate your dry eye and help restore your ocular health. 

What purpose do tears serve?

Tears are supposed to create a healthy layer of lubrication, called the tear film, that covers the entire surface of your eye. Every time you blink, a system of glands around your eye refreshes your tear film, providing a perfectly smooth surface that keeps your eye comfortably moist and enables clear vision.

What are the components of tears?

Tears have three main components that are designed to work in harmony:


This layer helps your tears adhere to the surface of your eye.

Water (aqueous)

Your lacrimal glands produce the watery layer of your tears, which keeps your eye hydrated.

Oil (lipid)

Your meibomian gland produces the lipid layer of your tears, which helps to prevent them from evaporating and provides your tear film with structure.

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a common and chronic condition where your tears evaporate too quickly or your eyes don’t produce enough tears.

If you have dry eye syndrome, you might notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Eyes that burn, or feel gritty, scratchy, or irritated
  • Excessive watering in your eyes
  • Blurred vision

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome tend to get worse if you live in a dry climate or wear contact lenses. Depending on your symptoms, dry eye syndrome can significantly interfere with your day-to-day activities, ability to work, and quality of life.

What increases my likelihood of developing dry eye syndrome?

You’re more likely to develop dry eye syndrome if you:

  • Stare at screens often, like a computer, television, or e-reader
  • Are frequently exposed to air conditioning, wind, or smoke
  • Live in a dry climate
  • Are older
  • Are female
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Have had refractive eye surgery

You’re also more likely to have dry eye syndrome if you suffer from certain medical conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problems, or inflammation of the eyelids.

How do you treat dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is an epidemic that affects nearly 20% of the patients at Dr. Gottlieb Optometry. As such, the team has invested heavily in advanced treatments and multifaceted approaches that provide exceptional results. 

First, the team of optometrists uses a series of advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact cause of your dry eye, like the OCULUS Keratograph® 5M, which can objectively evaluate and diagnose the specific causes of dry eye on an individual basis.

Once they know the cause of your dry eye, the team prescribes a treatment plan uniquely tailored to your specific condition, like:

  • Clearing debris from your eyelid with the BlephEx™ handpiece
  • Prescription eye drops of advanced artificial tear formulations
  • Prescription eye drops to reduce inflammation and increase tear production

Don’t let your dry eye syndrome affect your quality of life any more than it already has. Schedule a visit with Dr. Gottlieb Optometry today by calling the office or booking a visit online.

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